Grote dromen worden klein geboren

This commercial we linked to Classic FM is a typical Bucket List Studios project. Together with director Joris Noordenbos we sat down and said; “Let’s create a film where we can share the message we believe in.” While producing the film we felt like the concept of the film would fit perfectly for Classic FM, the number one Classic music radiostation of Holland. We called them if they would be interested using the film for their project ‘Classic FM Koningsorkest’. An orchestra consisting of talented children. They were and because of their enthusiasm the film got the platform it deserves.



Creatives: Joris Noordenbos en Quinten van ’t Hof
Director: Joris Noordenbos
Director of Photography: Reinout Steenhuizen
Talent: Anna Várdy, Tim Várdy, Jaap Berkhout, Rick Muselaers