We zijn er

This award winning videoclip is a testimony to the power of the human spirit and the enduring determination of hope during one of the most cruel times in human history. We zijn er is a call against the black page of the colonial history, with rapper Typhoon who as a black slave is being dominated with a whip by his white owner. The end-shot is fierce: an image of a rebellious slave who gets grip on the whip goes onto an image of the rapper on stage, with his fist raised in the air with a mic inside. The clip was shot in Cape Verde which was an iconic place in the international slave trafficking.

Awarded with an Edison Award for Best Videoclip of 2016

“A top level videoclip with the quality of a movie, where the crime of slavery is being presented in a way that touches you. They force the viewer to think not only about the history of colonization and human trafficking but also the the way it echo’s on into the present time. A very strong statement.” – Jury of Dutch Film Festival 2016

Story: Quinten van ’t Hof & Ivan Barbosa
Director: Ivan Barbosa
Script: Roelof Jan Minneboo
Music: Ali Reza (A.R.T.) Tahoeni & Dries Bijlsma
Production Manager: Gianni Madimin
1st AD: Daan de Groot
Line Producer: Hetty Fortes
Director of Photography: Reinout Steenhuizen
Camera Assistent: Kira Falticeanu
Art Direction: Clyde Semmoh
Casting: MadBar
Special Props: Rolf te Booij
Visual Effects: Becanti Wijnbergh
Editor: Govert Janse
Grading: Barry Clarke
Title Design: Jay Sunsmith

This video is supported bij the Tax Fund and Topnotch